Irrigation in Yanchok

"Clear water from the mountains"

The inhabitants from the village of Yanchok thrive on agriculture, but because of lack of water they can only harvest twice a year. The yield of this crop depends largely on the weather. Unfortunately, even here the climate change is tangible.

From October 2008 to mid April 2009 there has been no rainfall at all. Therefore no ploughing and sowing was possible, with the result no income. When finally the crops started to grow in 2009, an enormous hailstorm destroyed the produce overnight. The inhabitants of Yanchok were moved to tears at the sight of their fields totally devastated and their only hope of earning a little money gone.

Many times, the inhabitants of Yanchok have asked us to help realize irrigation for their fields. The other villages around Yanchok have enough water but Yanchok lies higher in the mountains therefore a constant lack of water prevails.

Our main aim is to try to help the people of Yanchok

An irrigation system for the entire village shall provide water all year round therefore creating opportunities for a better future because:

  • The number of harvests will double;
  • They can operate according to the market, which will increase revenue from the same harvest;
  • Additional revenue offers the children better opportunities for education which in term creates a better future;
  • All year round clean drinking water;
  • Throughout the year clean water to wash. Hygiene will improve and therefore fewer diseases will spread;
  • Extra income can be used in the corporatised childcare project in Yanchok.

With this project we contribute to the alleged millennium goals for a better world.


Renuka Foundation Nepal is actively raising funds. One of these charities will take place in the spring of 2011 as a sponsored walk along the coast from Den Helder to Bergen. We also received subsidy from NCDO for this project. They double the donations and funds up to € 20.000,-!.

Perhaps you have connections with a school or company who wants to help sponsor us. Maybe you have other suggestions for fundraising. All ideas are more than welcome.

You can mail us for information.